Indian Football League - ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United

It is finally the time to get the second Finalists from semifinal 2, leg 2 - ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United. With a draw in the first leg, who will book the berth to Finals from the do or die game today?

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Updated - 10 March 2021 10:38 AM

ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United

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Following the result, the top two teams in the league stages will also remain the competitors for lifting the trophy this season. Reaching their first ever finals, both ATK Mohun Bagan and Mumbai City have been excellent since the beginning of the season. Both the sides are set to lock horns at Fatorda Stadium on March 13.

Hero of the game: Manvir Singh for making the difference with his world class goal.

FULL-TIME: Referee blows full-time whistle at Fatorda Stadium. Luis Machado is coming off in tears while the Mariners camp is rejoicing the occasion as they have entered their first finals. It is ATK Mohun Bagan 2, NorthEast United 1.

[90+6'] YELLOW CARD for Antonio Habas. ATK Mohun Bagan coach is shown Yellow after kicking away the ball in frustration.

[90+2'] SUBSTITUTION for ATK Mohun Bagan. Lenny OFF, Regin Michael ON.

[90'] NorthEast United have 5 more minutes to keep their hopes for Finals alive.

[89'] SUBSTITUTION for NorthEast United. Suhair OFF, Britto ON.

[87'] ANOTHER SUBSTITUTION for ATK Mohun Bagan. Williams OFF, Rane ON.

[84'] SUBSTITUTION for ATK Mohun Bagan. Javi OFF, Prabir ON.

[83'] PENALTY OVER THE BAR! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE MACHADO?!!! NorthEast United could not have got opportunities better than this, however, Luis Machado shoots his penalty over the bar and keeps the scoreline intact. The Highlanders camp are holding their heads in hands at the miss. This is certainly a depressing sight for NorthEast United fans.

[81'] PENALTY TO NorthEast United!!! Subhashish Bose brings down Deshorn Brown inside the box and referee immediately points to the spot.

[78'] FOUL! Lenny Rodrigues brings down Luis Machado right outside the box at the left flank for the Highlanders. However, the wonderful set-piece opportunity goes in vain as the Mariners back line clears the threat quite easily.

[74'] GOOOAAALL!!! Suhair pulls one back! The Highlanders have started their journey to the high lands with a corner. Machado takes the corner and launches cross to far post. Ball takes touch of a couple of players in the crowded box before falling ahead of Suhair, who goes down to hit a diving header and get the goal. ATK Mohun Bagan 2, NorthEast United 1.

[70'] ANOTHER SUBSTITUTION by NorthEast United. Gallego OFF, Brown ON.

[68'] GOOAALLL!! WORLD CLASS BY MANVIR SINGH! ATK Mohun Bagan once again clear the threat from their box and find Roy Krishna just a little ahead as the Fiji striker drops deep and pulls defenders. However, he is clever, and immediately slices a through ball at right flank. Manvir Singh sprints down the right flank, drifts a little inside, beats one, beats two, beats three defenders, before firing a powerful strike past Subhashish Roy. Assist - Roy Krishna. ATK Mohun Bagan 2, NorthEast United 0.

[64'] SUBSTITUTION for NorthEast United. Fox OFF, Lambot ON.

[61'] OH DEAR! KRISHNA MISSES OPEN NET! The Fiji striker fails to capitalize the chance to get ahead in golden boot race. Following a counter-attack break, Krishna receives a cross from right flank. He shoots it at goalkeeper, who stops the ball but drops it again in front of him. Mohun Bagan striker again gets chance to tuck the ball in open net, but his tap in is cleared at goal line by Ashutosh Mehta. Roy Krishna is appealing that ball crossed the line, but assistant referee is firm on his decision.

[58'] CORNER for NorthEast United. Following a spree of attacking chances, the Highlanders manage to win a corner. But the side squanders the set-piece opportunity as ball is passed to Camara, who shoots over the bar!

[53'] The Highlanders are attacking left and right to get back in the game. They are able to get ball into the final third and even box, but are not able to create a clear chance from that region.

[47'] SUHAIR MISSES A GOLDEN CHANCE! The Highlanders could not have come closer to finding the equalizer. The move starts down the right flank as Apuia receives the ball and rushes down the right flank. The Indian winger gets time and space, and delivers a low cross to Suhair, Striker gets the ball at his feet with back to the net. Following the receive, Suhair takes a quick turn and shoots it! However, shot is too straight and hits Arindam.

SECOND-HALF: ATK Mohun Bagan get us underway at Fatorda Stadium for the second half. They are in traditional Maroon, playing from right to left.

Stay tuned as we will commence with the second-half coverage shortly!

HALF-TIME: Referee blows his whistle, indicating half-time. The script looks directed for the Mariners as of now. Or do we have a drama at our hands with action in second half? But as the first-half ends, it is ATK Mohun Bagan 1, NorthEast United 0.

[45'] Fourth official indicates that NorthEast United have 2 more minutes to get on level terms before walking down the tunnel with deficit.

[43'] The first goal in the leg 1 was also scored by David Williams on assist from Roy Krishna. Will the interesting tale of Williams and ATK Mohun Bagan continue today though? As the record books mention that Mohun Bagan are yet to lose a game when Williams scores!

[38'] GOOOAALL!! David Williams has broken the deadlock once again! A better love story than Twilight, Roy Krishna and David Williams' partnership strikes once more. The move started as Gallego loses the at centre of the pitch. Roy Krishna gets the ball and spots Williams making the run. The Fiji striker than slits a clean through ball finding the Australian's feet right on spot. Williams dashes ahead, gets 1v1 against keeper and finishes coolly to fire the Mariners in driving seat. Assist - Roy Krishna. ATK Mohun Bagan 1, NorthEast United 0.

[31'] Drinks Break. Following a wasted set-piece routine by Mohun Bagan, referee indicates for drinks break. Although goalless, the first-half has certainly been entertaining till now. Players can be seen doing heavy discussion with coaches. Will we see a goal before the break?

[30'] YELLOW CARD for Mashoor Sharif. NorthEast United centre-back goes in books for bringing down Roy Krishna.

[23'] FINGERTIP SAVE DENIES MACHADO! NorthEast United break out on counter attack once again with long ball launched forward. Sylla is first to it, and deflects it with his head towards left flank where Machado is racing down. The Portuguese catches onto it, drifts inside, and decides to go from distance. The shot takes a sudden dip that is rightly judged by Arindam. Mohun Bagan goalkeeper jumps in time to keep it out!

[20'] Contrary to expectations, the game has been an end-to-end one so far. While the Mariners still hold the high ground here, the Highlanders are gradually getting back.

[15'] SYLLA GOES FOR THE GLORY! BUT MISSES IT! After a long spell of possession with ATK Mohun Bagan, NorthEast United get a chance. The Highlanders break on counter-attack but Sylla has no support in the final third. With both Mohun Bagan center-halves ahead of him, he chooses to go from far out, and shoots it wide!

[10'] The Mariners have cleared their intent right from the start. Following another move, ball ends up at David Williams' feet who shoots it over the bar from outside the box. The Highlanders will have to do better if they want to remain in the match.

[3'] GOAL POST to the rescue! NorthEast United are fortunate to maintain their lead. Mohun Bagan pressure the Highlanders into losing possession a little away from the box. Javier Hernandez drops shoulder and drifts to left after collecting a pass from Roy Krishna. With a lot of time and disposal, Hernandez fires a shot! However, the attempt rattles the bar and bounces back.

KICK-OFF: NorthEast United kick-off the game at Fatorda Stadium. They are in White, playing from right to left.

Both the teams have come out of tunnel and have paid their respects to National Anthem. Time for toss!

NorthEast United fans might be a little unhappy with the line-up as Deshorn Brown is unavailable for the side. However, the hopes are still strong as the Highlanders managed to break the deadlock last time too. Moreover, it will be interesting to see ATK Mohun Bagan's approach this time as a draw will not suffice today. Following the 90 minutes, if the scoreline remains the same, game will go to extra-time and then penalties, if needed.


ATK Mohun Bagan Playing XI: Arindam Bhattacharja (GK), Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Carl McHugh, Javier Hernandez, Lenny Rodrigues, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Roy Krishna.

NorthEast United Playing XI: Subhasish Roy (GK), Gurjinder Kumar, Dylan Fox, Mashoor Shereef, Ashutosh Mehta, Khassa Camara, Lalengmawia, Federico Gallego, Luis Machado, Idrissa Sylla, Suhair Vadakkepeedika.

Warm welcome to the second semifinal of the Indian Football League - ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United. Today's fixture will decide who will qualify for the Finals against Mumbai City FC. Stay tuned as we will start with LIVE coverage of the game shortly!


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