ipl to introduce smart replay system in 2024 season

Credit: X

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 will see the introduction of the brand new Smart Replay System, to help increase the speed and accuracy of decisions from the TV umpire. The BCCI recently conducted a two-day workshop on the new system for select umpires, and there will be about 15 umpires working with it in the IPL 2024.

As per the report from ESPNcricinfo, there will be two Hawk-Eye operators, who are going to work in the same room with the TV umpire, under the new Smart Replay System. They will be providing the TV umpire with images in real-time from the eight high-speed Hawk-Eye cameras stationed across the ground.

With that, the TV broadcast director, who used to communicate with the TV umpire and the Hawk-Eye operators, won’t be involved under the new Smart Replay System.

The new system will allow the TV umpire to review more visuals than before, including split-screen images while making their decision. In the ESPNcricinfo report, an example of the first fielder taking a mid-air relay catch on the boundary rope was given, which was harder to assess in the old system in comparison to the new Smart Replay System, wherein the TV umpire will get the split screen images to check the positioning of the feet and hands of the fielder in the precise moment when the ball was caught.

The first usage of the brand new Smart Replay System will happen at the IPL 2024 opener at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai between CSK and RCB on Friday, March 22.