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The NBA has launched an investigation into the Oklahoma City Thunder guard, Josh Giddey's alleged minor dating scandal as per the viral pictures and videos on social media. The NBA fans and former NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant have called out American sports journalist Malika Andrews over her reaction to Giddey's scandal and compared her reporting with that of other athletes.

The allegation against Giddey dating an underage girl is not confirmed as the age of the girl and the timeline of the viral pictures are not confirmed yet. However, Dez Bryant echoed many fans' voices in his viral tweet, where he slammed Andrews for not talking about Giddey and stated, "@malika_andrews  you went out your way to crucify Brandon Miller on draft day over something he didn’t even do. Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddey. I advise you not to make this a black or white thing."

Fans slam Malika Andrews over her  take on Giddey's scandal

After not talking about the scandal in the pre-game show, Malika Andrews reported about Giddey in her post-game coverage. However, fans were quick to draw comparisons between her take on Giddey's scandal and other athletes.

Check the viral reactions on social media:

A fan compared Andrews' reporting of the Giddey scandal with her take on Brandon Miller and Ime Udoka's incidents.

Many fans called her racist for not speaking against 'white' athletes.

A fan called out Andrews for her lack of energy or intent while reporting the Giddey scandal.

Despite all the backlash on social media, the NBA has not suspended or fined Giddey as he continued playing for his franchise the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder have also not commented on the matter while t here are no legal proceedings or a civil suit reported against the 21-year-old.