Picture Credit: Twitter/@RCBTweets

Picture Credit: Twitter/@RCBTweets

Virat Kohli has been in news ever since he joined the RCB camp ahead of the Unbox event. Ahead of the IPL 2023, the former RCB skipper shared some insights about his personal life on an episode of Bold Diaries. He even went on to talk about the new tattoo he is sporting on his right forearm.

The Indian batter, who has around eleven tattoos on his arm, opened up on his latest tattoo and its relevance. "Yeah, it (tattoo) is still a bit of work in progress. It is only half right now, so I can’t really explain the meaning of it right now, but yeah, I will get some opportunity to talk about it, I am sure,” Kohli said while speaking on Bold Diaries.

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When asked about his memories related to trump cards from his younger days, Virat Kohli mentioned how he used to collect them and compete with his friends as a kid. “Trump cards was one of my favourite things to engage in, with my friends, you know we used to hunt for those cards, I think Lex Luger was used to be ranked one. There was Giant Gonzalez, you get that card, you surely win on height, so we used to look for those cards, and yeah it was fun, it was a lot of fun competing with the cards,” he added.

Furthermore, the former RCB captain spoke in detail about one location in India that blew his mind. He said, “We ended up going to one remote area in Uttarakhand this time around. We all go to famous spots, but you know, the tucked in kind of beautiful places you don’t see so much, I was completely blown away. I went to one recently (in Uttarakhand) and it was so beautiful and peaceful.”

Virat Kohli is currently in Bengaluru preparing to play for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 16th edition of the IPL. His team will begin their campaign against Mumbai Indians at MA Chinnaswamy Stadium on April 2.