Jake Paul, the controversial YouTube star turned boxer, has accused his older brother Logan of “playing both sides” in the boxing and MMA world. Jake claimed that Logan was not loyal to him and was trying to appease his rivals and competitors, such as KSI and Dana White.

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Jake and Logan Paul have both made headlines for their involvement in combat sports, but have taken different paths. Jake has focused on boxing and has fought and defeated former MMA champions such as Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren. He won his most recent fight by unanimous decision, which was against Nate Diaz, another UFC star, on August 5.

Logan, on the other hand, has ventured into pro wrestling and has appeared in two WrestleMania matches. He also managed to secure a lucrative exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather in February, which ended in a draw. However, Logan has also expressed interest in fighting KSI, the British YouTube sensation who beat him in a rematch in 2019. Logan has also praised Dana White, the UFC president who has been critical of Jake and his boxing career.

Jake was not happy with his brother’s actions and called him out on an episode of his Impaulsive podcast. He said that Logan was “playing both sides” and that he was not supportive of his business ventures.

Throughout the podcast, Jake frequently used the phrase "playing both sides" to express his belief that Logan only uses their ties as brothers when it is advantageous to join forces with his adversaries. One illustration given was how the younger Paul has taken a tough stance against UFC president Dana White over issues with fighter compensation, despite the fact that his older brother is a major sponsor of the competition.

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Logan replied to these allegations by saying, "I think when we as brothers become no longer additive to each other and it feels like you or I am trying to take from one another. I don't believe I've ever tried to take from you whereas you, I believe, have tried to take from me - maybe not you but maybe your team."

After that, the two hinted at a fight between Jake and Floyd Mayweather and Logan and Tommy Fury in boxing. It's possible that it was just bluster as neither fight is mentioned in the very first discussions. At the next Misfits Influencer Boxing event in Manchester, UK, on October 14, Logan will undoubtedly square off against Dillon Danis.