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Picture Credit: Twitter

In a poor performance at the Asian Championships in Jinju, Korea on Sunday, weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga won a silver medal in the snatch event but was unable to tally an overall total since he was unable to lift the weight in each of his three attempts at the clean and jerk. Jeremy was the only member of the 12-lifter field to not finish his event while competing in his first tournament since the 2022 Commonwealth Games. But the 20-year-old, competing in the non-Olympic 67kg weight class, lifted 141kg, matching a personal record to take home a silver medal in the snatch event.

In his first two efforts at the clean and jerk, Jeremy was unable to lift 165kg. The weight was then raised to 168kg, which was 2kg higher than his personal best, but the current Youth Olympic champion struggled once again. Surprisingly, Jeremy was only able to heave the barbell twice out of six tries—three in the snatch and three in the clean and jerk. It is to be noted that the weightlifter returned from a thigh injury which made him miss last year’s World Championship. 

“It was a terrific snatch by Jeremy. But when it came to clean and jerk, he lacked assurance. It takes place after a protracted absence. His performance will enable him to evaluate himself and strive for a better outcome”, said head coach Vijay Sharma.

He Yueji of China won the competition with a weight of 320kg (147 + 173kg), while Lee Sangyeon, a local favourite, finished in second place with a weight of 314kg (139 + 175kg). Ergashev Adkhamjon of Uzbekistan finished at third place with a lift of 312kg (138 + 174kg).