Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Jorge Masvidal has gone on a rant about Conor McGregor again, this time offering to fight the Irishman for free in the street. Ever since Masvidal retired from the UFC he has been very vocal and called out people who he doesn’t like. While his most recent victim is Conor McGregor, in the past he has called out fighters like Ben Askren. His latest issue with McGregor is mostly about the five-time World champion not mentioning him at all. Along with this Masvidal accused McGregor of abusing steroids. 

The thing that makes Masvidal the angriest about McGregor is simply that the fighter won’t acknowledge him. Speaking to TMZ, he expressed his frustration that the Irishman would go out of his way to avoid even mentioning Masvidal’s name or even allude to him. This has led to Jorge believing that a fight in the ring between the two is completely out of question, but he wants to squash the beef somehow and put Conor McGregor back where Masvidal thinks he belongs, and if a street fight is the only way to do it then Masvidal’s down. 

He said, “Really, I would like to fight Conor because he is such a bi**h. I can’t stand this dude. Put him on the street for free because you’ll never gonna fight me in a ring. That guy would never fight me anymore. He never mentions my name in a fu**in comment or anything and yet he is pissing hot, taking steroids, as we all know, calling out Dustin and Justin. Shut the fu* up do the due process you fu*in bit*”.

Masvidal challenges McGregor for 170 lbs

Instead of the usual 155lbs, Masvidal wants to take on McGregor at 170lbs. Both fighters belong to this division and he believes that he can bring McGregor down in a stand-up battle. This is an especially spicy call out because that is the very style McGregor is known for in the octagon. 

Masvidal still thinks he has the strength and skill to compete in the UFC and hinted that he would be willing to return to the promotion for the right fight if the opportunity arose.