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Former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reacted to the possibility of winning three Premier League titles if Manchester City are apprehended for their 115 charges for alleged breaches of Premier League regulations. Amidst the 2023-24 season, Klopp released a video confirming his exit from Liverpool afte r a successful nine-year stint.

Celebrating his tenure, an event called “Danke Jurgen” tribute night at the M&S Bank Arena was organised and saw over 11,000 fans in attendance. During this event, Klopp was part of a question-answer session where the Manchester City question was asked.

Klopp jokes about being 3-time PL champion if Man City found guilty 

Comedian John Bishop, hosting the session, asked, “You leave this club having won the Premier League once. There could be a court decision that means you’ve won the Premier League three times…” However, Bishop was then interrupted by the German manager who joked: "If you organise a bus parade, I’m in! How long it takes I don’t care.”

Jurgen Klopp bids final adieu to Liverpool fans

Ahead of the  “Danke Jurgen” event,  Jurgen Klopp issued a final goodbye to his fans. In a video posted on his Instagram, the German said,  “Okay, so now I’ve tried to put myself somehow in proper gear to say now for the last time, hopefully, goodbye.  I’m pretty sure it will be a good event – again pretty emotional, but I think we are through the worst now."

"So we can have a good time and that’s the plan.  So I wish you as well – if you can see it – if you can watch it (I’m not sure if somebody shows it) a wonderful night as well.  So let’s go! So here we go, that’s it. Ready for the party.”