American internet star Kai Cenat is now the most-subscribed English-speaking Twitch streamer as he overtook streaming sensation xQc. Cenat reached this milestone a few weeks after he took the second position on the charts.

Cenat has been on an upward rise to fame in 2022 as he reached 60K subs in late August. Then just nine days later, Kai reached the 70K mark and became second on the list. Kai then broke his personal goal of 80,000 subs as he leapt over Twitch's most popular streamer Felix "xQc". He was streaming as he hit the 80k mark. 

Now Kai Cenat is second on the overall subs list as he is trailing Portuguese-speaking streamer and internet star Casimito, who has over 138K subs. The other two streamers having over 50K concurrent subs are HasanAbi and NICKMERCS.

Kai Cenat made global news as he saw NBA superstar and Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving come on his stream. The 2016 NBA Champion was interacting with Cenat and his friends YourRage and Bruce Ray. Irving opened up about the Nets’ 4-0 series defeat against Boston Celtics in the 2021-22 playoffs. 

“We got 4-0’d,” he said three times before saying he believed the sweep was meant to be. “It was meant to happen like that,” said Irving. “Motivation, bro. We need it. We needed that humbling experience, especially going against the Celtics. It was already built in to be that match-up. So we gonna see them again.”

“We have to. They’re gonna be where they’re gonna be but those young’uns over in Boston, bro, I got to see them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year on the Finals stage, making it that far, I’m glad they had to go through us,” he continued.