Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Candice Warner, the former professional ironwoman and wife of Australian cricketer David Warner, has blamed Cricket Australia (CA) for their lack of support during the ball-tampering scandal which unfolded in Cape Town in 2018. She also made a claim that CA tried to prevent the 36-year-old from playing for the country ever again. David Warner was instead handed a lifetime ban to not lead the Australian cricket team by the governing body.

While speaking on The Matty Johns Podcast, Candice talked about what had happened to David Warner after they came back home from South Africa in the aftermath of the sandpaper gate. She was quoted as saying, “There was no support. Basically, from when we left the hotel in South Africa, David was wiped. There was no Cricket Australia official helping him. There was nothing. It’s like basically you fend for yourself now. It was basically fend for yourself, see you later. Thanks for your services."

“Probably, we (Cricket Australia) are going to do our best for you not to ever come back and play cricket for our country again. We are going to blame you for everything, and that’s what they did,” she revealed.

Candice Warner also detailed her interaction with Cricket Australia officials after the ball-tampering saga. She said, “I was even told by someone within Cricket Australia at the time within the team that it’s in the team’s best interest to keep your mouth shut. That fired me up, and David up… we have so much respect for the team, but we’re also human beings. There was no help, at all. It’s sad, because I learnt to just accept it.”

After returning to the Australian setup during the summer of 2019 for the World Cup in England, David Warner eventually requested CA to overturn his lifetime captaincy ban. Shortly afterwards, he withdrew his application because the process was set to be a public trial of the events leading to his original ban.