Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Though Red Bull racer Max Verstappen managed to stand on top of the podium at Hungarian GP, it was the McLaren racer Lando Norris, who managed to grab headlines over the race weekend. Norris managed to finish second on the podium, followed by Ferrari’s Sergio Perez. During his celebration, Lando managed to nudge Verstappen’s trophy, which fell off and ultimately broke. Later, Norris posted a personal apology on Verstappen’s Instagram, to which Vertsappen’s girlfriend replied in a cryptic manner. 

Verstappen posted a picture of himself with his broken trophy and wrote, “Thanks Lando Norris”. Norris commented on the picture, apologising and wrote, “I’m so sorry”, along with a laughing emoji. However, Verstappen’s girlfriend joined the conversation and posted a cryptic reply to the same. Brazilian model Kelly Piquet wrote, “Hope you have better form tomorrow.”

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Speaking of Red Bull and Max Verstappen, they managed to break McLaren’s historic record of 12 wins consecutively, which is the most in F1 history. After the win, the 25-year-old racer said, “Finally, we had a really good start, so I’m very happy with that.”

The Dutch-Belgian racer added, "We’ve been working on that quite a bit, to really get the good bite. I knew of course when I had the inside that corner was mine… late on the brakes, heavy car… so luckily it all worked out well. From there onwards I could do my race and today the car was really, really very quick."