Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

BGMI has recently made a comeback in the Google Play Store, according to a few users, but not all users saw the game on the Play Store. KRAFTON addressed the issue by issuing statements that clarified the lingering misunderstanding. The Indian gaming community is ecstatic about the news of the game's return since it c omes at a perfect time and will assure the expansion of gaming and esports, increasing player careers and community development for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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The game was altered to comply with local laws and regulations, but despite these changes, security concerns persisted, leading to the ban.  On Monday, the official Instagram handle of BGMI posted a statement on their story, which read, "Several users have been reaching out asking if they can download BGMI since they can see the “download now” option on the website. Please note, the game is not available to play as the servers have been shut."

Further, BGMI stated, "Currently, the closed test track for BGMI is updated. Those who opted for a public test for the game before its launch are expected to get a message via email which takes them to play store for downloading the game."

The game is officially expected to return to the market in the next few days with BGMI's official social media handles giving regular updates about the return of the game after a 10-month ban. Mobile gamers all over the country are eager to play the game after such a long gap. The government and Krafton are working together to bring back the game on the market as soon as possible.