Krafton has shared insights on the upcoming PUBG New State Lagna Map. The art director of New State Mobile  Kyung Hoon Baek revealed the new maps and new vehicles of Station 2051 Episode 3. Fans were shown an unpredictable Royale Battle, in episode 1 and were told that the map will be based in a desert and will have a very unique story. 

Lagna will be a 4×4 size map, just like Akinta and is set to allow mid to long-distance engagement in battles with unique terrain and prominent level design. The change in the topographical representation helps the users to identify enemies easily. With these complications, players have to study the map detailed before attempting a chicken dinner. The hot-drop area is set to be towards the centre of the maps. 

The story of this map starts when one of the sun shields falls, which was installed to fend away solar winds in the desert. This incident has led to these topographical changes in many ways. With new map, the developers are also launching two vehicles which will be designed around the slope and curved terrains of Lagna. You will feel less sense of levitation when the vehicle tilts or pass through the curved terrains.

The topographical features of Lagna will allow users to take higher positions on the map to spot their enemies easily. The map is also set to have other features which have not been disclosed. So stay tuned with us, and we will provide every detail of it as soon as we came to know.

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