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In an intense final four competition between Iowa Hawkeyes and UConn in Cleveland on Friday, Hawkeyes’ took the game by two lead points of 71-69 by a whisker. The Huskies were awarded an offensive foul call going in the final seconds of the match which killed their fate of winning the game.

UConn were going ahead in the game by a 70-69 margin in the final moments of the match when the controversial foul call was offered to them. Aaliyah Edwards was found guilty of setting a screen on Gabbie Marshall to free her up, which attracted an offensive foul against her which provided the ball possession to the Iowa back with 3.9 seconds left in the match. 

The foul results in putting Caitlin Clark on the line for two shots. Although she hit the first shot right, she missed the second shot due to Sydney Affolter’s huge rebound when 1.1 seconds were left on the clock. Iowa, however, ensured no further drama took place till the final whistle.

WATCH: Aaliyah Edwards called an offensive foul for this possession 

Talking about the game, it was Caitlin Clark who starred for the winners with 21 points including nine rebounds and seven assists. Apart from her, their No.45 Hannah Stuelke led the charts with 23 overall points. For the opposition team, it was seasoned Bueckers and Edwards who scored 17 points each.

LeBron James and Angel Reese react to Iowa vs UCONN late foul

NBA star LeBron James and LSU women's star Angel Reese took to their respective X (formerly Twitter) handles to react to the incident. Both athletes expressed their disagreement with the decision as the Lakers star forward wrote, " NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call. "

On the other hand, Angel Reese wrote, " Wait was that screen not set clean? "