Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Leonardo Bonucci is reportedly preparing to file a lawsuit against Italian club Juventus as a result of his strong belief that Juve's treatment of him during his final months in Turin caused him to suffer "professional and image damage." Numerous media reports said that as Bonucci entered the final year of his contract, Juve informed him that he was not a part of the team's plans, explaining that it was for 'technical reasons'.

As a result, he allegedly received instructions to train separately from the rest of the squad and was denied a squad number. Gianluca Di Marzio, a journalist, claims that the Italian great is now apparently contemplating legal action.

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A "request for compensation for damages due to the alleged lack of adequate training and preparation conditions available to Bonucci" would allegedly be made by his attorneys on Tuesday, according to the claim. Additionally, Bonucci's attorneys will argue that, as a result, Bonucci's reputation and career were damaged.

The reports further suggested that Bonucci compares the action to other players who "find themselves dealing with situations similar to those he experienced, without having the possibility to react" and views it "not as a personal war, but a fact of legitimate principle."

The report also stated that Bonucci will give any proceeds from this action to Live Onlus, a company that donates defibrillators to sports teams and educational institutions with money from high-profile athletes' equipment auctions, and Neuroland, a group that helps families of children treated at Turin's Regina Margherita Hospital.

Bonucci has played at Juventus for the majority of his professional career, spending two stints there from 2010 to 2017 and 2018 to 2023. The 36-year-old was a crucial member of the Italy team that won Euro 2020 under Roberto Mancini and amassed an astonishing 17 championships with the Italian powerhouses. His second stint at Juventus came to an end in August when the centre-back chose to break his agreement and sign with Bundesliga team Union Berlin.