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The possibility of Lionel Messi returning to FC Barcelona is "almost ruled out," according to sources since the player's father and agent Jorge Messi would prefer a transfer to Saudi Arabia.  On June 30, when his two-year deal with Paris Saint-Germain expires, Messi becomes a free agent. The enticing offer presented to them by Al-Hilal has "seduced" Jorge Messi, despite the Argentinean's desire to return to FC Barcelona, according to Beteve.

In a message posted on social media, Jorge Messi denied having a contract with any team. The head of the Messi camp, however, prefers to accept large sums of money from Saudi Arabia, and Lionel Messi will not "contradict any will of his father," whom he "absolutely respects," the reports further.

Barca's hopes of seeing Messi return have been dashed. According to SPORT, the Blaugrana are struggling financially and can only afford to pay him a pitiful €25 million ($27 million) a year, so they must demonstrate to La Liga that they can make their greatest player's second term at the club work.  The fact that Al-Hilal reportedly offered Messi a stunning €400 million per year earlier this year is the reason he is more interested in moving to Saudi Arabia.

Without a plan's approval, Barça is struggling to understand its financial constraints. As a result, they are unable to present Messi with a formal invitation. So far, the Argentine has been quite patient. But it seems that his father's patience is running out, and it's possible that the seasoned attacker will soon relocate to the Middle East. He already serves as Saudi Arabia's tourism ambassador, which further works in favour of a move to the Saudi Pro League.