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Naseem Shah, the Pakistan fast bowler, revealed a conversation with a sweet vendor, who gave him advice on what had gone wrong during his team’s loss against England in the T20 World Cup 2022 final. After the sweet vendor commented on the big defeat for Pakistan, Naseem Shah laughed in response before talking about how everyone makes mistakes, and then, he apologised to him.

In the final of the T20 World Cup 2022, which was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Pakistan put up a score of 137/8 on the board, and in response, England chased down the runs in 19 overs with five wickets in hand after Ben Stokes scored an unbeaten fifty.

Following the return from Australia to his hometown of Lower Dir in Pakistan, Naseem Shah encountered a sweet vendor, and he had a conversation with him about the T20 World Cup 2022 final loss. The 21-year-old was quoted as saying to ESPNcricinfo, “There's a guy who makes jalebis outside my house, and he started giving me advice about what I had done wrong in the final. I laughed and said to him, 'Uncle ji, I've been buying jalebis from you for two years, have I ever said to you that the shape of your jalebis is wrong or that you haven't made good ones? We're human and make mistakes, you make mistakes too. Toh hamein bhi maaf kar do na’.”

In the build-up to the T20 World Cup 2024, Naseem Shah also discussed his shoulder injury from last year, which cost him a spot at the ODI World Cup. He remarked, “I had to undergo surgery, and that is a big deal if you've never had surgery before. There was a ball I bowled against India [in the Asia Cup Super Four] after which I fell down, and just before that I felt a tendon in my shoulder rip and sensed a gap in there. 

“When we did a CT scan and the doctor approached me, I said, 'I know what you're about to tell me. You're going to tell me I'm out for six months.' Because I understood what was happening in my body and there was no way out other than surgery,” Naseem Shah added.