Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Marcus Rashford has rushed to the aid of former Manchester United defender Wes Brown, who was declared bankrupt by the High Court last month.  The retired defender is now getting financial support from former teammates like Wayne Rooney and Michael Carrick while Man United forward Marcus Rashford has extended a helping hand by renting his luxury house on a budget deal.

The defender plunged into a six-figure debt with HMRC and was also reportedly behind on his car debts as per Daily Mail. When Brown failed to make a profit on a farm he bought for his ex-wife Leanne that cost about £7 million, a sizable portion of his money vanished. Additionally, trying to keep up with the fast lifestyle of the game's current stars had an impact on him.

Rashford has rented him a lavish property at a fairly affordable cost, which has helped him. This financial crisis has dawned on him due to excessive spending and trying to keep up with the lifestyle of current players who earned more than six or seven times than him.

The 43-year-old spent 15 years in United's first team after graduating from their academy in 1996, winning five Premier League titles and the Champions League twice. Later this month, Brown is scheduled to participate in a Legends football game that will benefit organisations established in the wake of the Manchester Arena tragedy.

Brown will play for a legends squad alongside Nicky Butt and Trevor Sinclair, two more former England internationals. The legends will compete against a team of celebrities, including boxing champion Ricky Hatton and comedian Jason Manford. This weekend, the teams will square off at Oldham Athletic of the National League's Boundary Park stadium.

Marcus Rashford is having a dream run in the Premier League this season, scoring 16 goals in 31 games. He also enjoyed a good run in the UEFA Europa League, scoring six goals in nine games. Manchester United will face Brighton at the Falmer Stadium in their next fixture in a Premier League game on Thursday night.