Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Manchester United’s young gun, Marcus Rashford imitated the iconic ‘roses’ pose which was previously done by Philadelphia 76ers’s former point guard Allen Iverson. The footballer recreated the pose in style for Manchester United’s new kit launch photoshoot. He was sitting on a seat in the newest Manchester United kit, holding a bouquet full of roses in his right hand.

The original photo, in which Allen Iverson posed, was clicked all the way back in April 2000 at the Sixers Sports Arena when Iverson was injured and was not a part of the playing lineup. In 2000, Allen Iverson was just beginning to make a name for himself in the world of basketball, and the NBA was captivated by his natural talent. His talent alone propelled his understated Philadelphia Sixers squad to the top level.

Philadelphia competed against the Lakers in the NBA finals in 2001 all the way there. Iverson had been wanted by Sports Illustrated for the cover for a while, but he kept skipping the shoot for one reason or another. But finally, during a brief photo shoot in April 2000, this picture was captured.

Manchester United unveiled their new jerseys on Tuesday morning, which are designed by Adidas and feature a red shirt with black stripes on the shoulders and a black collar. The shirt also has a graphic inspired by Manchester's industrial heritage and culture.

According to the club’s website, "It pays homage to the city's iconic red rose in a stunning geometric design’ and ‘draws inspiration from the bridge over the River Irwell’, and stands as a ‘symbol of the city's strength and its profound impact on the world during the industrial revolution."

The English forward had his best-ever Premier League season in 2022-23 with 17 goals in 35 games throughout the course of the league. Rashford played a very crucial role in United finishing the third position in the league. The England forward was fabulous in the Europa League too, scoring six goals in just nine appearances. He has a contract with Manchester United for one more year, which expires on June 30, 2004.