In the 2023 Indian Premier League season, one of the most pertinent questions has been about when MS Dhoni is going to retire from the tournament. The legendary Indian cricketer is currently leading Chennai Super Kings, who are well placed in the top 4 on the IPL points table with one league stage game remaining against Delhi Capitals at the Arun Jaitley Stadium on May 20.

In the pre-match press conference, Mike Hussey , one of the coaches of CSK, discussed the retirement rumours surrounding the team’s captain. He remarked that MS Dhoni is the only person who knows about his own retirement.

“That is the thing we have not spoken about. Whether he (MS Dhoni) is playing his last IPL or not only he knows. We have no idea. He is hitting sixes and finishing off games,” Hussey was quoted as saying to the media.

Mr Cricket elaborated further on the matter, “From my point of view as a batting coach, he (MS Dhoni) is still batting really well. He is still motivated to keep coming into the training and working on his game, he is hitting the ball well. We have seen him lighting up the innings and finishing things off really well. He has still got that six-hitting ability. So, while he is enjoying it and still contributing to the team, then there is no reason why he cannot keep going, maybe for another 5 years (chuckles)... we do not know it is all up to MS.”

The former IPL winner for Chennai Super Kings also talked about the support the team gets all over the country, thanks mainly to MS Dhoni’s immense popularity. He said, “First of all the support we have got as a team because of MS is amazing. Not everybody gets that. It lifts you as a team and the support MS Dhoni has earned is incredible.”