Megan Olivi, the highly sought-after sportscaster for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had recently called Jamahal Hill as interim UFC Light Heavyweight champion while interviewing  Johnny Walker.  31-year-old had defeated Anthony Smith in the light heavyweight division at the UFC Fight Night event in Charlotte on May 13.

The 36-year-old interviewer was quoted as saying, “You (Johnny Walker) kind of went and talked to Jamahal Hill, former opponent, now the interim champion of the division, or I should say the champion of the division.”

Watch the Megan Olivi botch here:

Even though Megan Olivi quickly made amends for her error by stating Jamahal Hill as the champion of the division, the damage was already done.  Olivi actually sent out a video tweet, which now stands deleted, in which she shared the part of Walker's interview where she called Hill as interim champion, inadvertently adding fuel to the fire.

Seeing that, the 31-year-old UFC fighter fired back with a now-deleted tweet of his own in the comments section, which read, “Interim Champ? @MeganOlivi that’s how you feel?” Olivi responded back with yet another deleted tweet in which she wrote, “I immediately corrected myself! I’m so sorry, you know I have nothing but respect for you!”

The gesture from the UFC interviewer eased out the situation as Jamahal Hill tweeted out his response in kind to her and stated, “You did and I didnt catch that the first watch!! It’s always been nothing but respect between us and I appreciate u.”

The fans of Hill, in the meantime, were going after Olivi with mean posts on social media. When the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion noticed it, he tweeted out a post to quell down the hate on her, which read, “Y’all chill on @MeganOlivi I was getting on a plane a didn’t listen close enough to the clip!!! She made a mistake and immediately corrected herself!! It’s always been nothing but love and respect between us!!!”