Picture Credit: Twitter

During DC United's 2-3 loss against Inter Milan in Major League Soccer (MLS) on Sunday, an altercation took place between the two sides when the score was levelled to 2-2. The argument took place between DC forward Taxi Fountas and Inter Miami defender Damion Lowe, who accused the former of racial abuse, and recently Fountas denied the accusation through an Instagram post.

In the 62nd minute, Taxi Fountas, who just scored an equaliser in the 58th minute, challenged Lowe that led to the altercation with the duo pushing and shoving each other. The alleged slur was used during the argument while referee booked both the players. Moments later, DC United coach Wayne Rooney substituted Fountas with  Miguel Berry.

On Monday late night, Taxi Fountas took to his official Instagram handle and denied the accusation of racially abusing Damion Lowe. Fountas stated, " I did not use the word I am being accused of using. That despicable racial slur is one I denounce and did not use.  We had a hot discussion on the field, but I have not racially abused anyone. I firmly reject racism in any form. It is despicable.

"I have many friends from many cultures. I always respect the culture, religion and skin color of each person.  I am therefore very upset by this accusation and saddened to be falsely accused. "

DC United are currently at the bottom of the MLS Easter Conference points table with just seven wins in 32 games while Inter Miami are at seventh place with 12 wins in 31 games.