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Picture Credit: Twitter

According to media reports, the professional MMA fighter Mauro Chaulet has been killed in a violent altercation with police in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He was shot dead after having a disagreement with a military police officer, who had also suffered gunshot wounds as a result of the unfortunate event, just like the female companion of the Brazilian combat sports athlete.

The Radio Guaiba website shared the incident report, which stated that the issue began around midnight at Auma Bar, in the Floresta neighbourhood, in the north of Porto Alegre. Once the matter escalated, Mauro Chaulet disarmed and shot the military police officer in the groin area, who was outside his working hours. In the immediate aftermath, the Brazilian was shot in the back and his female companion was shot in the stomach twice.

The report further details that Chaulet tried to flee the scene in his Mercedes-Benz C 250. He then took a shot at the police, who retaliated back. Shortly afterwards, he crashed his car into a Fiat Palio while driving to Rua Almirante Barroso. He died on scene due to the nature of his injuries.

Moreover, the military police officer and female companion of Chaulet, both had undergone surgery, and are in stable condition.

Meanwhile, there was a separate account of the incident from the witness present at the Auma Bar. According to their testimony done anonymously, the incident had begun when Chaulet’s female companion and the woman, who was with the military police officer, argued with each other. Both men got involved soon after, as their argument escalated. Suddenly, when the MMA fighter was trying to disarm the policeman, he accidentally shot himself in the groin.

Furthermore, the other policeman, who had given chase to the car of Mauro Chaulet, said that the Brazilian took a shot at them with the gun of the policeman, who was disarmed after the altercation at the bar. But the female companion to Chaulet claimed that he was unarmed while driving the vehicle and the multiple policeman opened fire at him after he had crashed his vehicle.