Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Moriah Mills has been offered USD 1 million by an adult website for a private video tape that she might or might not have of herself with the NBA star Zion Willaimson. A fan subscription side, called Unfiltrd, has offered Mills the huge sum to sell over the exclusive rights of the alleged recording with the New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson. 

The offer came to Mills when she threatened the NBA star to release the video when she learned that Williamson and his girlfriend Ahkeema are expecting a child together. The adult star has over the weeks attacked Williamson publicly since he posted images from the gender reveal party of his unborn child. However, despite several attacks by Mills, the forward hasn’t made any public comment on the same. Mills has posted several stories on her social media targeting the 22-year-old NBA star, which includes a picture of a positive pregnancy test kit along with a poll asking her followers what she should name her child, with options like ‘Junior’ and ‘Zoria’. 

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Regarding the offer, the CEO of Unfiltrd said, “Unfiltrd is increasing in popularity due to the onboarding of household names in the adult entertainment industry. We are confident that Mills will be able to monetize her explicit content on Unfiltrd in ways that she won't be able to elsewhere.” It includes the rights to videos and messages between her and Williamson. 

Notably, Mills uploaded several screenshots of alleged conversation she and Williamson had. Apart from that, she also posted a video of getting a tattoo of Zion’s name on her face; however, the video seemed fake as in her social media posts, Mills avoided showing the side of her face she got the tattoo on.