The Indian Premier League (IPL) has given so many iconic moments in its history of 17 years. However, as we witness so many thrilling encounters in an IPL season, the same level of enthusiasm and excitement can be seen in IPL auctions every year. In every IPL auction, there are players who get their names as one of the most expensive players in the history of IPL auctions. 

There are some players who have broken multiple records while coming into IPL auctions. In the following listicle , we will discuss the top 10 most expensive players in IPL history.

10 Most Expensive Players in IPL 

10. Ishan Kishan - ₹15.25 Cr in IPL 2022

ishan kishan 15 25 cr in ipl 2022

Young wicket-keeper batter from India, Ishan Kishan is among the most expensive players from the country to be sold in an IPL auction. The left-hander was picked by Mumbai Indians (MI) for ₹15.25 Crore ahead of IPL 2022.