WATCH: MrBeast goes for a space ride courtesy of his die-heart fan

Uki spent approximately $1,471.63 including six helium balloons that he had to buy from Party City.

Aakash SrivastavaAuthor

Updated - 22 September 2022 03:17 PM


MrBeast, one of the most prominent YouTuber personalities in the world enjoys massive popularity and is everyday scaling newer heights. MrBeast's crazy fans vow to go to any extent in order to impress the YouTuber and earn his attention. Fresh reports on the matter will surely leave many jealous.

Reportedly, one of MrBeast's crazy fans who is also a media influencer and had appeared in Shark Tank to pitch for his swim trunk company Birmies, did something unprecedented to gain the attention of MrBeast.

Identified as Uki Deane had earlier also made several attempts to win the attention of his biggest hero i.e., MrBeast. In his pursuit to draw MrBeast's attention, he decided to do something crazy in one of his newest clips and send the celebrated YouTubers into space.

Notably, Uki began his mission in New York City where he purchased products worth thousands of dollars and bought two professional weather balloons of 600g each, a near-space parachute with a length of one meter, a spot 3 satellite GPS messenger, a GoPro Max, a 200 feet paracord, and a 1,000 mAh power bank among other items.

As per reports, Uki spent approximately $1,471.63 including six helium balloons that he had to buy from Party City. Eventually, Uki managed to launch MrBeast into space with all the materials he had acquired. Basically, Uki bought a Buzz Lightyear statue that he wanted to send into space. Jimmy‚Äôs face was simply attached to it. However, the weather and the wind also supported Uki's aspiration as he put the Feastables chocolate bars alongside the Lightyear toy. 

After tracking it down for an extended period, he found the balloon that he had sent beyond the skies. Eventually, Uki shared the footage as well showcasing Jimmy aka the Buzz Lightyear toy with the chocolate bars. Such efforts surely deserve some attention from MrBeats as Uki must expect at least some recognition from his 'King.'


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