netease x marvel games

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N etEase joined hands with Marvel Games to release a team-based shooter game Marvel Rivals within the expansive Marvel Multiverse. The game is expected to deliver an immersive experience, by allowing players to assemble favourite Marvel characters and participate in intense 6v6 battles and showcase brand-new Team-Up Skills and dynamic environments. The upcoming esports would offer gameplay from a third-person perspective along with providing an engaging experience. 

With the upcoming game, the developers aim to focus on teamwork and strategy, while inviting players to explore different locations in the Marvel Multiverse. Not only this but with it, players would be able to utilise the abilities of their chosen heroes. The development of the game will kick off with a Closed Alpha test that will feature 12 heroes. Some of the popular characters in the game include Spider-Man, Magneto, Black Panther, and Magik. 

The testing phase would allow players to test the game and provide valuable feedback to the development team. After the completion of the first phase, the game will progress to the Beta phase in May, which will offer several engaging experiences on a wider scale. 

While the developers are yet to disclose the date of the full release of the game, Marvel Rivals will several Marvel heroes including Iron Man, Rocket Racoon, The Incredible Hulk, and Groot. Some other characters that are expected to be in the game are Doctor Strange, Luna Snow, Namor, and Loki.