List of New UK Casinos Not on GamStop

Below, UK players will find our list of the top ten new non-GamStop casinos. UK players can even use the links to go to any of these options for a casino not on GamStop from this article. 

Each listing has the date of the month it launched and the welcome bonus you can expect from it. All these casinos made it onto our list because they are trustworthy sites and are not registered with GamStop.

1.Goldenbet – April – 100% up to £500

2.FreshBet – February – Up to £1500 – May – 950% up to £7000

4.LuckyWins – January – 400% up to £2000

5.MagicWin – January – 400% up to £2000

6.SlotsSafari – March – 600% up to £2000 – February – None listed

8.WinsMania – March – 175% up to £2000

9.DogsFortune – January – 100% up to £2000

10.NinBet – January – 200% up to £2000

Top list of new online casinos not on GamStop.

Weekly Alerts for Brand New Casinos Not on Gamstop

For those seeking more than a new list now but rather opportunities for exciting new casinos every week, we offer a list that we keep updating. You can find our list at, and you can expect weekly updates to it.

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And that's all you need to do to create your new best non-GamStop casinos list. Now, simply check the list once a week for new suggestions.

What We Consider To Be a New Non-Gamstop Casino

Our list of best non gamstop casinos comes with specific criteria. We won't just add any webpage to it. The main criterion is that it should be a non-GamStop casino. Second, it should be a casino that has launched recently. Recently can be within the same year, but we won't list casinos that launched in the previous year. Lastly, the casinos must accept GBP and come without any play restrictions before we will add it to our new casino reviews. 

Summary of Newly Launched Non-Gamstop Casinos 

Number of new non gamstop casinos launched during 2023


Accepting GBP


Restrictions and limitations

No limitations or restrictions

Licences usually used:

Curacao EGaming License

Newest casino


Pros & Cons of New Non-GamStop Casinos

Compared to local casinos, our list of casino sites not on GamStop comes with a few distinct pros and cons. We've compiled what we think are the most important pros and cons of a non-GamStop casino for you below.

Pros of New Non-GamStop Casino

  • No restrictions on play as they are all non-GamStop casinos.
  • Any non-GamStop casino has easy account creation for new players.
  • They are still trustworthy to use and still follow UK regulations.

Cons of New Non-GamStop Casino

  • No guarantee that the non-GamStop casino sites won't join GamStop in the future.
  • Being new non-GamStop UK casinos, they likely have smaller game selections although they allow non gamstop betting.
  • Being new casinos for UK players, they likely have fewer promotions.

FAQ About New Casinos Launched Outside of GamStop This Year

Q: How many non-gamstop online casinos are launched yearly?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends entirely on how many people succeed at creating a new non-GamStop casino. The list of non-GamStop casinos can grow by one or fifty in a year. There currently seems to be a decent enough influx of new slot sites not on gamstop that we can update our lists weekly.

Q: How can I find casinos not on GamStop to play at?

A: Our first suggestion is to bookmark our weekly update link. You can find this link higher up in the article. Alternatively, you could probably use a search engine, but you won't know which websites you can trust and which to avoid.

Q: What are the benefits of playing at casinos not on GamStop?

A: There are a few benefits to playing on newly launched casinos not on GamStop, such as zero restrictions on gameplay and usually simpler account creation. We have one above if you are looking for a list of the best non GamStop casino sites.

Q: Are there any risks associated with playing at casinos not on GamStop?

A: The risks depend entirely on the non-GamStop casino sites. The websites we list are all trustworthy and are fine to play games of chance on. However, there might certainly be casinos not on GamStop that you should avoid due to shady practices. The best bet is to stick to our curated lists as we try them out ourselves to ensure they are safe to use. Alternatively, you can ensure the non-GamStop casino sites you visit have gaming licenses.

New Casino Sites vs. Established Online Casino Sites

You might already have a list of casinos not on GamStop or possibly only one favourite casino not on GamStop that you keep returning to. However, have you considered there are distinct differences between older and newer non-GamStop casino sites?

Non-GamStop  top new casino brands are much more likely to have the latest games and modern payment methods. They are also more likely to have amazing new casino bonuses since they are trying to grow their user base. These benefits make them the ideal choice for players seeking exciting gameplay instead of the same games they have always played.

On the other hand, an older non-GamStop casino will have more stable platforms and likely have better customer service. We are not saying that newer casinos cannot provide effective customer service, but older casinos have certainly had enough time to optimise their support channels for new customers.

New Non-Gamstop Software Providers

The non-GamStop online casino game market is largely dominated by the same software providers that have dominated it for the last few years. These giants include Play'N Go, NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, and more. New software providers for a casino not on GamStop are much less likely to pop up than new games from already-established providers. Currently, we cannot find any information about new providers. However, this does not mean you won't find amazing games to play at non-GamStop online casinos.

New Casino Games Not On Gamstop

If you choose to play games of chance on any of our listed casinos not on GamStop, you might wonder about their game selection. The good news is that these platforms usually launch with current trends in mind, so you should find your favourite games there.  

These non-GamStop online casinos usually offer a selection of older, classic games and the latest games. Below we compiled a list of some of the games you can expect to find on these new GamStop free casinos.

Crash Games

Since its launch, crash games have become a phenomenon, drawing massive crowds to the easy-to-play, social experience. While the game doesn't have direct multiplayer interaction, you can chat with other players at GamStop free casinos.

These games work with a climbing multiplier that starts at 0.00 and continues until it randomly crashes. People can then place a bet and click to cash out at any point, multiplying their money with the current multiplier at the time of cash-out. However, ' ''you don't win anything if the games' crashes' before you cash out on these new sites not covered by gamstop.

Fantastic examples of recent crash games for UK players include JetX, Aviator, Bitcoin Crash, Zeppelin, Lucky Jet 2, ThunderCrash, and Space XY. These games are so wildly popular due to how easy playing is.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games at non-GamStop casinos are also a huge hit. These just out games include a selection that allows UK players to interact with a person dealing – or managing the game – live. Examples of these games include Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal, non gamstop roulette, Blackjack, and Poker.

Slot games

You will likely have trouble finding an online casino that doesn't have slot games available. Our list of non-GamStop casinos for UK players certainly all have it. Examples of slot games include Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt. As with many of the other top slot games, this fantastic slot game has a gold-plundering theme and beautiful visuals. Players help Gonzo – a conquistador – hunt for Inca treasure. If you want to try it, you can play it on MEGAWAYS Casino.

MEGAWAYS is an innovative reel mechanic that allows for many ways to win money. These winnings can come in anything from 243 up to 117,649 different ways.


If you love a novel challenge, why not consider playing in casino tournaments? The casinos we listed as non-GamStop casinos allow players to join these tournaments for free on their new websites. These tournaments are usually played with your favourite games, meaning you don't have to go out of your way to participate but will still stand a chance to win bigger and better prizes.

Some tournaments even allow players to interact with one another, such as when playing card game tournaments. This interaction can add a whole new ultramodern dimension to your favourite table games.

New and Modern Casino Payment Methods

With so many new options for a casino not on GamStop launching, there are payment methods that have become clear favourites. We've compiled a list of various types of payment methods you can expect to use at casinos.

VISA or Mastercard at Casino Not on GamStop

Most – if not all – non-GamStop casinos accept VISA and Mastercard transactions – with very few exceptions. These payment methods are easy to use, and if you've ever paid for something online, you already know how to do it. Simply head to your account details on your preferred non-GamStop casinos and load money from there.

Virtual Wallets at Casino Not on GamStop

Virtual wallets are platforms that you connect to your bank account. You then send money to the virtual wallet before sending it to the casino's wallet as funds. While these are all essentially middle-man applications, they are widely accepted and popular. Examples of these include PayPal, Skrill, MuchBetter, Neteller, and Revolut.

Cryptocurrency at Casino Not on GamStop

Over the last few years, more places have started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. The most popular cryptocurrencies for use at online casinos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and EOH.

Newest Bonuses & Promos From Sites Not on GamStop

All the options for a casino not on GamStop we list will offer a range of promotions for UK players. As mentioned, given that they would currently want to grow their audience, you can expect the best promotions from these casinos for the next few months.

The bonuses UK players can expect from sites, not on GamStop will include:

  • Welcome Bonuses: these bonuses are easy to acquire as you simply need to use a promo code when making a deposit.
  • Free Spins: sometimes includes welcome bonuses, allowing you to play some of the non GamStop slots on the casino for free.
  • Betting Rebates: these bonuses allow you to claim rebates on some of your sports bets.
  • Casino-specific Bonuses: some sites not on GamStop have promotions based on current events – such as when the FIFA World Cup was active – or even have promotions based on the casino's theme.

We hope you enjoyed our article about non-GamStop casinos. If you know of any other UK player who only plays on non GamStop online casinos, why not share this article with them?

Always remember to gamble responsibly at any casino not on GamStop, as gambling should be a recreational activity. If you feel that you are developing a gambling addiction, we recommend using self-exclusion practices or even seeking further professional assistance.

Always put your mental health first so that you can enjoy your time as UK players at latest online casinos not on GamStop.