deepak chahar zomato fraud

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India and Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Deepak Chahar took to social media and expressed his concerns regarding a new fraud on the food delivery platform, Zomato. The 31-year-old will now feature in the upcoming Indian Premier League which kicks off on March 22 with the defending champions CSK taking on the Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chennai.

Coming back to the incident, Chahar posted a tweet calling out a new fraud where he revealed he never received his order despite Zomato showing that the delivery was complete. He further expressed concerns regarding this scam and asked the public to tag the food delivery platform to raise their problems.

New fraud in India:  Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar's tweet said,  "New fraud in India. Ordered food from  @zomato  and app shows delivered but didn’t receive anything. After calling the customer service they also said that it’s been delivered and m lying. M sure lot of people must be facing same issues. Tag  @zomato  and tell your story."

Hunger cannot be compensate with money: Deepak  Chahar

Soon, Zomato issued a reply to Chahar's complaint but the Super Kings star wasn't satisfied with their response. The 31-year-old then slammed the delivery service by sharing how a refund won't compensate for hunger. 

The tweet said,  "Just wanted to highlight this as lot of people face this issue and no proper action is taken giving back the money of the order will not solve the issue. Hunger cannot be compensate with money."