Some within the New Orleans Pelicans’ management feel it is the right time to part ways with young Zion Williamson this offseason. Their number 1 pick from 2019 is a two-time All-Star and is known for his athletic ability is still a valuable commodity. However, his availability leaves a lot to be desired, and the Pelicans might feel that it's in their best interest to part ways while Williamson’s stock is relatively high and replace the star with a more consistently available player. 

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The NBA offseason is dominated by rumours surrounding James Harden and Damian Lillard, but Williamson might be spinning a saga of his own, though it is very much still early days. The Pelicans will look to use Williamson as an asset to assert themselves in the offseason trade roulette. 

It is important to note, there have been multiple reports about Williamson. While there are those in New Orleans who believe this era has run its course. The team hopes to move on from Williamson while they still can, others within the camp are equally vocal about keeping Zion. 

They expect him to be among the best players in the entire league when he returns and pulls together an MVP-level season for the Pelicans. This news follows reports by NBA journalist Shams Charania that Williamson is not likely to be traded this offseason by the Pelicans. Others, like John Hollinger, say that the reality is a lot more up in the air.

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 He said, “During my time in Vegas, I heard opinions from a few folks who were all over the place when it comes to Zion Williamson and his current value. I had one person associated with a team tell me New Orleans should pull the plug on his era while they have the chance this offseason. I had another person tell me he believes Williamson is going to be fueled by all the controversy this summer and become an MVP candidate in 2023-24. With Williamson, it’s easy to see his career going in either direction.”