Picture Credit: Instagram

Picture Credit: Instagram

Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) attacker Neymar Jr. recently liked an Instagram post criticising Kylian Mbappe. The Brazilian has indirectly sent an indirect barb at the club after a group of the PSG ultras showed up at the footballer’s house in Bougival, Paris demanding him to leave the club. The cryptic post called Mbappe the ‘prince’ of the club, the worst. The 31-year-old liked a reel by a Brazilian user, Ofuiclear, wherein, he was seen criticising Mbappe, and said that his renewal led to the current PSG team being “the worst of the last few years.”

The post also demeans the stature of the PSG club, claiming they are ‘lacking’. The caption of the reel read, “The difference between being great and having greatness! PSG has lacked and is lacking; its fans have lacked and are lacking!” “Having history is not optional, position yourself as great and have the attitude of greatness is within reach! They were SMALL!”, it further read. 

However, before liking the reel, the forward first shared a picture via his Instagram story to share an inoffensive message that read, “Don’t allow for people to put you in their storm but put them in your peace.” 

Meanwhile, the video that the number 10 liked defended him as well as Messi, who has received a 2-week suspension without pay for his unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia. It said, "Instead of protesting against the horrible management, the fans continue to protest against Neymar and Messi."

The user notably pointed out an attacking move in the Champions League Round of 16 tie against Bayern Munich, in which he said that Mbappe should have squared the ball to his Brazilian teammate for 136 matches instead of shooting. He also said that the club management had ‘forced’ Mbappe’s status as a leader in the dressing room and asked the fans to protest against the PSG’s management. 

Neymar is currently out of action for the rest of the season for his recovery following an ankle ligament surgery and remains under the contract with the Paris-Saint Germain until the end of the 2026/27 season.