No Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi among top 5 best penalty takers in FIFA 22; Neymar Jr tops the list

While Ronaldo has a penalty rating of 84, it is only 75 for Lionel Messi.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 13 October 2021 09:01 PM


FIFA 22 was released worldwide on October 1 and it has already become a fan-favourite in no time. Fans across the globe are really enjoying the improved gameplay experience but just like always, there have been a few aspects of the player ratings which has surprised everyone. Among all the interesting stats, the one reflecting the best penalty takers in the game has caught everyone's attention.

Notably, two of the best players of the modern era - Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi - did not find their names in the list of top penalty takers in the game. While Ronaldo (Overall - 91) has a penalty rating of 84, it is only 75 for Lionel Messi (Overall - 93). It is actually quite baffling to see such below-average ratings for spot-kicks for two players who rarely miss from 12 yards out.

However, as per the information and data available to the developers of the game, there are better penalty takers and this is how the top 5 looks like:

5. Bruno Fernandes (Penalty Rating - 91)

Bruno Fernandes has been a revelation since he joined Manchester United in 2020. The midfielder has been the first-choice penalty taker for the club for a while now and he has hardly disappointed from the spot. Bruno has a phenomenal success rate of 91.3% from the spot, hitting the back of the net in 42 out of 46 attempts throughout his career. Hence, the penalty rating of 91 might be well-deserved for Bruno.

4. Harry Kane (Penalty Rating - 91)

Harry Kane is one of the best strikers in the Premier League at the moment and he has stepped up for England and Tottenham Hostpur on various occasions to take the spot-kick. The 28-year-old has the ability to remain calm and composed under pressure situations and his brilliant penalty record of 45 goals in 53 attempts gives him the rating of 91.

3. Raul Jimenez (Penalty Rating - 92)

Raul Jimenez is third on the list of penalty takers with a staggering rating of 92. It comes as a major surprise to many fans but the stats confirm that the Wolves striker is probably one of the safest spot-kick takers across the globe. In the 29 penalties taken, the Mexican has only missed twice throughout his career which undoubtedly justifies his name on the list.

2. Sergio Ramos (Penalty Rating - 92)

Sergio Ramos is one of the only few defenders in football who has regularly taken penalties for both club and country in recent years. The new PSG signing has scored 30 goals from the spot with only 5 misses to his name. He has taken few very crucial penalties for Real Madrid and Spain in crunch situations, which is probably one of the reasons he might have been given a rating of 92.

1. Neymar Jr (Penalty Rating - 93)

Neymar Jr tops the list of best penalty takers in FIFA 22 with a scintillating rating of 93. The PSG forward has a very unique technique of taking the spot-kicks, which makes it very difficult for opposition goalkeepers to stop them. In the 77 penalties taken, he has successfully converted 63 out of them justifying why he has been rated so highly.


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