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Former NFL MVP and star quarterback Lamar Jackson has requested a trade to leave the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson was drafted by the Baltimore-based franchise in 2018 with the final pick in the first round. The 26-year-old shunned away many critics and has emerged to be one of the top players in the league. 

But over the last two seasons, Lamar Jackson hasn't had a great relationship with the Ravens as both parties have had many failed contract negotiations. But ending this saga, the 2019 MVP has requested a trade. 

Jackson released a statement on social media, thanking his fans for their support and then confirmed that he will request a trade from the Ravens. He further stated that the key reason behind this decision has been his dream to win the Super Bowl. 

The statement said, "I want to first thank you all for all of the love and support you consistently show towards me. All of you are amazing and I appreciate y'all so much. I want you all to know not to believe everything you read about me. Let me personally answer your questions  in regards to my future plans."

"As of March 2nd I requested a trade from the Ravens organization for which the Ravens has not been interested in meeting my value, any and everyone that's has met me or been around me know I love the game of football and my dream is to help a team  win the super bowl."

"You all are great but I had to make a business decision that was best for my family and I. No matter how far I go or where my career takes me, I’ll continue to be close to my fans of Baltimore Flock nation and the entire State of Maryland. You’ll See me again.  Truzzzzz."

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