Now it’s too late: Hugo Lloris on pressure for players to protest against Qatar at FIFA World Cup 2022

Hugo Lloris believed that the players featuring in the World Cup are facing 'too much pressure' to held protest against Qatar.

Tanishq SharmaAuthor

Updated - 15 November 2022 01:48 PM


The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar is just five days away and the players are under tremendous pressure to protest against the hosting nation for it's human rights violation and other issues. However, France captain Hugo Lloris has distanced himself from the pressure and insisted to focus on football.

Qatar has been under heavy criticism after thousands of immigrant workers died while building the infrastructure for the World Cup and it's laws against the LGBTQ+ community.

According to French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, the players representing their countries in the World Cup are facing 'too much pressure' to held protest against Qatar during the marquee event, which is 'too late now' and the players should focus on football rather than politicizing the issue.

Lloris said, " Honestly, I agree (with FIFA’s sentiment). There’s too much pressure on the players. We are at the bottom of the chain.  If you have to apply pressure, first of all it had to be 10 years ago. Now it’s too late."

Lloris commented on the issue after FIFA chiefs Gianni Infantino and Fatma Samoura sent a letter to all 32 World Cup nations asking their players and officials to stick to football.

The 35-year-old Tottenham goalkeeper explained, "You have to understand that for players this opportunity happens every four years and you want every chance to succeed. The focus has to be on the field. The rest is for politicians. We are athletes."

Earlier, FIFA urged all the teams to wear use the armbands provided by the governing body and Lloris insisted he will follow the regulations. 


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