Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The highly anticipated fight between OnlyFans models Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace was called off after the former landed in a hospital following a heated altercation just minutes prior to the bout on Saturday. The pair who were earlier involved in some aggressive heated exchange days ahead of the fight, were once again seen taking the limelight at a secret place in London just minutes away from the fight.

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However, things got worse this time as influencer boxer Astrid Wett landed in a hospital following a slap on rival and OnlyFans model Alexia Grace. But what followed thereafter was utter chaos as Grace tackled Wett and landed Wett through a nearby table just before the streaming went off air.


However, Wett was later declared to be in a stable condition after landing into the hospital by her team, her rival Grace has finally opened up on the incident. However, it still remain unknown whether what unfolded was staged or just an accident, Grace  has hit back at Wett and her promotion team.


Talking it to Instagram, Alexia Grace shared  a story which read, “Wett Promotions is an absolute joke. This isn’t the first time she’s instigated something before the fight. At the press conference while I was off guard she shoved me onto the floor. I’ve injured both my hip and heap from her cheap shot yet there was zero security today?”

 alexia grace insta story 

While Grace was left fuming at the incident, she further went on to state, “I’m absolutely fuming, I came here for a fair fight and she’s done nothing but try to sabotage me time after time.”

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 alexia grace 

The feud between the OnlyFans star models dates to May 2023 when Frace stole Wett’s Misfits belt at KSI’s title bout with Joe Fournier. While Grace boasts of more than 173K followers on Instagram, Astrid Wett gained limelight in a football match.