Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke opened up on why she won’t fight her sister Emily Brooke in ‘Losers Bracket’ after both of them lost their boxing matches at Kingpyn Boxing on Saturday. The sisters, who are social media influencers, had entered the tournament hoping to prove themselves as the best female influencer boxers, but they were both defeated by their opponents in the quarterfinals.

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Elle Brooke lost to Jully Poca in a close fight that went to the judges’ decision while sister Emily Brooke was outclassed by 6ar6ie6, who dominated her with superior speed and power. The results meant that Poca and 6ar6ie6 advanced to the final, while the Brooke sisters were expected to face each other for third place.

However, Elle Brooke announced on Twitter that she has no interest in fighting her sister in a “losers bracket”, saying that she plans to take some time away from the gym and focus on creating content and traveling for a while. She also said that she needs to get back down to her natural weight, implying that she had to gain weight to enter the tournament.

"I am not fighting my sister [Emily Brooke] in a losers bracket," she tweeted. "I plan to take some time away from the gym, focus on creating content and traveling for a while, then come back when there is a fight that makes sense. Plus I need to get back down to my natural weight. I still want to one day. I am still young enough to work towards it. Not sure how fighting my sister for no reason would benefit that," it further read.

Elle Brooke’s decision came as a surprise to many fans, who were looking forward to seeing the sisters clash in the ring. Emily Brooke had previously expressed her willingness to fight her sister, saying that it would be “juicy” and “toe-to-toe”. She also said that they had some “scraps in the past”, hinting at their sibling rivalry.

A potential fight between the siblings was always a possibility and something they have both publicly addressed since signing up for Kingpyn’s tournament but now probably won’t take p lace.