credit: Twitter

credit: Twitter

MMA Star Alice Ardelean was kicked out of her gym after concerns were raised by the wives and partners of the other fighters training with her regarding her OnlyFans account. Alice Ardelean has been working out at the Ronin MMA in Birmingham to make her UFC dream possible. But the 30-year-old was forced to leave because of the content for the OnlyFans account. 

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While talking to Daily Star, Ardelean revealed, how after she started her OnlyFans account, she was getting ‘dirty looks’ from the other members of the gym. Later, she also talked about receiving messages from the wives and partners of the other gym members calling her names. Hence, she had to leave Ronin MMA. 

Ardelean said, “I used to train at a gym when I started OnlyFans and I kept getting dirty looks. I even had a few messages from wives from guys in the gym saying ‘you are such a whatever’ and calling me names. They were afraid their husbands would subscribe I was forced to move gyms to avoid all this drama.

The 30-year-old has been approximately making £10,000 a month from her OnlyFans account, which has been a huge difference from her £600 monthly salary which she used to receive when she worked as a security officer. This money directly goes into her MMA career as she can now afford a trainer,  nutritionist, and gym equipment. 

Ardelean also revealed how some of the comments made about her were hateful and crass. She said, “I was just minding my own business but the hate was there. Some of the hate was nasty and women in the gym were complaining about me. It was just embarrassing. It was like, shut up, I am not here to take your man. This is just my job and I’m not interfering with your job. It’s not my fault if your husband was on my OnlyFans or not.”

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