Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Since winning her first boxing title in March, OnlyFans star and boxer Astrid Wett has been waiting to return to the ring as social media influencer KSI's MisFits promotion has failed to land a fight for the 22-year-old. Recently, Wett shared a video on social media, where she slammed "absolute mugshots" MisFits and even threatened to start her own promotion.

After winning her first boxing fight against  Keeley Colbran via knockout in October last year,  Wett won her first boxing title in March after defeating AJ Bunker at the Telford International Center by Majority Decision to become Misfits Boxing's flyweight champion.

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On Monday, Astrid Wett took to her Twitter handle and posted a video where she slammed KSI's boxing promotion for failing to get a fight for the self-claimed "Female Champion". She said, "Ever since my fight in March you have shown me no support. I have constantly been messaging to try and arrange another fight and I’ve been in training too."

wett ksi sportstiger She added, "It’s so poor and frustrating. I even have a fight that the fans want to see versus Alexia and you won’t even put it on.  I’ve even offered to fight for free, absolute mugs guys, I’m gonna start my own promotion and do it myself because I can’t be asked."

wett ksi mugs sportstigerRecently,  YouTube star KSI expressed his disappointment as a  “high stakes” tournament with influencer-boxers,  Kingpyn got canceled after the company  filed for bankruptcy.  On July 7, it was revealed that DAZN has  acquired  Kingpyn’s boxing tournament, and the semi-final will be streamed on July 15.

However, KSI claimed that he had no idea about this acquisition and stated that he came to know about the deal from Twitter. He said on July 10 in a YouTube video, " Pretty sh*tty way to find out, on Twitter. But, it is what it is. Fair play, Kingpyn. You live another day. Misfits is still number one, but yeah, it’s a bit annoying."