Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The Paris Olympics torch relay will start in the southern port city of Marseille in April 2024. The organisers announced this development on Friday (3 February). The torch will arrive in Marseille from Greece, which is the spiritual home of the Olympics, on a three-masted ship. This decision was taken to set a tone for the Olympics ahead of the opening ceremony that will take place on the Seine in Paris.


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The President of the Paris Olympics 2024, Tony Estanguet talked about why Marseille was selected for the torch relay as it has a lot of historical importance. It is to be noted that the port city will be hosting football and sailing events during the Olympics. 

“Paris 2024 chose the city of Marseille for many reasons, some historical, some symbolic, some geographical… The key role that sport occupies in the city and in the hearts of its residents was a crucial factor, as was the city’s close involvement in the Paris 2024 project, including its hosting of sailing and football events,” he said.

Estanguet also talked about how the city of Marseille is the representation of what the Olympics stands for i.e ‘popular, festive, warm and multicultural’. He said, “We are especially delighted to see the Olympic flame in Marseille because this is a city that reflects the image of the Games: popular, festive, warm and multicultural. In spring 2024, it’s not just the flame that will arrive in Marseille: the Games themselves will be returning to France, 100 years after the last summer edition!”

The mascots of Paris 2024 are designed based on the red Phrygian cap and are called Les Phryges (pronounced free-jes). The Phryges are small Phrygian caps, which symbolise a strong sense of liberty, inclusivity and the ability to support great cause. The mascots have a red, white and blue colour scheme, with the golden Paris 2024 logo across their chests. 

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