paul pogba ban

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Juventus and former Manchester United midfielder  Paul Pogba has been slapped with a 4-year  doping ban. The footballer had tested positive for testosterone after Udinese-Juventus on August 20 2024.  A secondary sample was then counter-analy sed, which also returned positive.

The National Anti-Doping Tribunal was to determine a punishment for Pogba which was revealed to be a four-year ban lasting till 2028. With this penalty, Pogba could potentially be 34 by the time the ban which could potentially be the end of his career.

Before the counter-analysis sample was tested, Pogba's representative Rafaela Pimenta spoke about how the Frenchman never wanted to break the rules. She said, "We are waiting for the counter-analysis and until then we can't say anything. The certain thing is that Paul Pogba never wanted to break the rules."

It’s a difficult moment to overcome:  Pimenta on Pogba's possible ban

Rafaela Pimenta recently shared how her client was still training and has a point to prove.  She told Calciomercato a fortnight ago: "Sometimes I’ll ask him: ‘Shall we do something else?’. And he’ll get angry, saying to me: ‘Rafa! I have to train.  You don’t understand, I have to play, I have to win, and I have to finish a journey that I started’.  If he were to play tomorrow, he could come on the pitch and play. Obviously, it’s a difficult moment to overcome."