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The 2024 edition of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) is round the corner and the organizers of the tournament ha now revealed the slot allocation for the league. As per the latest details, Krafton have planned out the detailed distribution of the team across various regions from around the world. A total of 48 teams are set to compete to seal a berth in the PMGC 2024 event.

PMGC 2024 League slot allocation

South East Asia (SEA): The region serves most slots, that is 10 seeing the prowess in the PUBG Mobile competitive scene.

Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Macau (CSA): The CSA region will make a mark on the global stage with eight slots allotted to them.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA): With nine lots available, the EMEA region boasts of competition.

Americas (AM): This region has been allotted with six slots.

Invited: 14 teams will receive invites, including representatives from China, Korea/Japan and some special invitees.

pmgc 2024 league slot allocation

Moreover, an additional slot has been marked for the winners of the PUBG Mobile World Championship (PMWC), ensuring the champions’ region earns a spot in the tournament. 

PMGC 2024 Prize Pool

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2024 boasts of a prize pool worth USD 3,000,000. The tournament, which is set to happen later this year, will attract top talent from around the world and eye to promise some electrifying display of skill.