pmgo 2024 prelims

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PUBG Mobile  Global Open (PMGO) 2024 will have its preliminary stage begin on Monday, April 1, wherein many teams will play against each other for the coveted main event spot. The three-day competition will have a mix of invited and qualified teams, 24 in total, play against each other in a round-robin format across three groups.

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There are 18 matches scheduled for the PMGO 2024 prelims, including 12 for each group in the round-robin format. The top eight teams out of 24 will be advancing to the main event of the tournament after competing against one another.

As per the report from Esportsgen, HFIYS Esports earned a direct ticket to the main event of PMGO 2024 prelims after clinching the top spot in the Qualifier Finals held from March 28 to 30. Meanwhile, the second to ninth-ranked teams from the Qualifier Finals, along with 16 partnered teams, are directly invited by the organisers to compete in the preliminary stage of the tournament.

PMGO 2024 Prelims Teams

  • N Hyper Esports (North America)
  • Natus Vincere (Kazakhstan)
  • Nigma Galaxy (UAE)
  • Virtus pro (Russia)
  • Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)
  • IW NRX (Turkey)
  • Fut Kaos (Turkey)
  • RC Bra Esports (Turkey)
  • Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  • D’Xavier (Vietnam)
  • Death Wolves (Brazil)
  • Team Falcons (Mongolia)
  • Zebra Master (Brazil)
  • Insanity Sport (Brazil)
  • Royals of War (Mexico)
  • Horaa Esports (Nepal)
  • Smoke Gaming (Brazil)
  • INCO Gaming (Brazil)
  • Influence Rage (Brazil)
  • Furia Esports (Brazil)
  • Team Liquid (Brazil)
  • All Glory Gaming V2 (Mexico)
  • 9z Team (Chile)
  • Team Queso (Chile)

PMGO 2024 Prelims Schedule

  • Day 1 – Groups A vs. Groups B
  • Day 2 – Groups B vs. Groups C
  • Day 3 – Groups C vs. Groups A

PMGO 2024 Prelims Map Rotation

  • Match 1 – Sanhok
  • Match 2 – Erangel
  • Match 3 – Erangel
  • Match 4 – Erangel
  • Match 5 – Miramar
  • Match 6 – Miramar

Where to stream PMGO 2024 Prelims?

The fans can watch the stream of the PMGO Prelims 2024 on the YouTube channel called PUBG Mobile Esports, where the tournament matches will be live from 6:30 PM IST.