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The Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is set to come with a new Pokemon Fusion feature, and several other features. The Fest will also have three new Shiny Pokemon global and city-exclusive activities with debut of Necrozma. The event will have 70 Pokemon, along with special bonuses and more.

Here in this article, we’ll go through all the available details around the Pokemon Go Fest 2024, which will be played across two days.

The Pokemon Go Fest 2024, which will be held from July 13 to July 14 between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm local time, will be played in two parts. While the first will see in-person events in Sendai (Japan), Madrid (Spain) and the US (New York City).

Sendai City, Japan: 30 May - 2 June 2024

Madrid, Spain: 14 June - 16 June 2024

New York City (U.S.): 5 July - 7 July 2024

In the second part, which will be available to players across the globe, Pokemon Go will offer bonuses with Pokemon appearances according to the habitats, raids using accessories and Ultra Beasts. Listed below are the Fest bonuses:

One-hour Lure Module duration

Field Research themed around the different Pokemon habitats

Surprise encounters in Go Snapshot, when taking snapshots during the course of the event. 

New Pokemon variations and Shinys

These new Pokemon variations were released at the start of the event, namely, Espeon - Day Scarf (Psychic type) and the Umbreon - Night Scarf (Dark type). Moreover, the new Shiny Pokemon debuting with the event include the ones mentioned below:

Espeon - Day Scarf (Psychic type)

Umbreon - Night Scarf (Dark type)

Jangmo-o (Dragon)

Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting)

Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)

Wild encounters: For all trainers during the Pokemon Go Fest, special Pokemon will appear in four unique habitats. These habitats will rotate hourly during the event. 

Dawn Meadow

dawn meadow

Shining Day

shining day

Creeping Dusk 

creeping dusk

Darkest Night

darkest night

Raids: During the event, there will be three-kind of raids, namely, One-Star, Two-Star and Three-Star Raids.

One Star Raids:

one star raids

Three Star Raids:

three star raids

Five Star Raids:

five star raids

Apart from all these above-mentioned features, Necrozma and Fusion will make a debut at the Pokemon Go Fest 2024. Speaking precisely about them, Necrozma is the Prism Pokemon, who will be first seen during the raids in the fest. After catching the Pokemon, trainers can either fuse it with the legendary Sunne Pokemon, Solgaleo getting you Dusk Mane Necrozma or the legendary Moon Pokemon, Lunala, which gets you Dawn Wings Necrozma. None of these variations can be transferred to the professor.