Popular Twitch streamer Heelmike has received a ban on the new streaming platform Kick after he live-streamed having blowjob live on stream. Over the past few weeks, several top Twitch streamers have made a transition to Kick, which hopes to rival the streaming giant. 

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Kick aims to take on Twitch by allowing creators more freedom with what they're broadcasting. So far, the new platform has seen gambling streams; live streaming the Super Bowl’ and even some streamers filming themselves having sex.

Heelmike finally pushed the limit and has finally gotten banned, which required him showing receiving oral sex. Footage of the stream shows the American streamer filming himself while a girl was giving him a blowj*b.

Taking to social media after the ban, the Twitch streamer revealed that his actions were all worth it, especially as he was only banned for a single day. The American internet star also stated that allowing him such a stream makes Kick, the ‘GOAT’ platform.

The tweet said, “1 Day Ban On Kick After Avg 15k Views And Honestly I Got Lost In The Sauce And Was Over The Top. I'll Be Back With The Energy But Not Being Disrespectful. This Is Why Kick Is The GOAT Because They Reach Out And Tell Creators What They Did Wrong.”

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