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The second edition of Prime Volleyball league is underway in Hyderabad . After the successful first edition which saw Kolkata Thunderbolts emerge victorious, the tournament has seen addition of one more team in Mumbai Meteors to the previous seven.

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The tournament which started on February 4 and is set to commence on March 5 in Kochi. The 31-match tournament will be played across three venues in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kochi. But as the tournament gets intense, here in this article we will take you through the rules and regulations of the game.

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What are the rules in the league stage of Prime Volleyball League 2023?


The below mentioned rules are for the league phase of the Prime Volleyball League 2023.  
Each team gets two points for a win and zero for a loss.

For a 5-0 win, the team will get and extra point, that is a total of three points.

If two teams are tied on points, the difference in sets won will be considered.

If there happens to be a tie for the semifinals, the difference in points scored will be considered.

If the two teams continue to finish in a tie, the head-to-head between the tied teams will determine the team which will progress further.


What are the rules competition rules for the knockouts?

The Prime Volleyball League 2023 will see the following rules for the knockouts of the tournament.

The play-offs will comprise of semifinals and final.

The top ranked team in the points table will face the fourth placed team while the second and third placed teams will play each other.

The knockout stage will be played in the best-of-five format, comprising of 15 points  set each.

If the scores are levelled 14-14 in any set in the knockouts, the team that first establishes the difference of two will win the match. However, if the match is levelled at 20-20, the 21 st  point will be the decider of the match.

The winners of both semifinals will play the final on March 5 in Kochi.


How does the scoring system works in a game of volleyball?

A team scores a point in the following conditions:

If the ball lands on the opponent’s court

If the opponent team commits a fault

If the opponent team receives a penalty

If a team commits a fault by playing against the rules.

If two or more faults are committed successively, only the first is counted and if two or more faults are committed by opponents simultaneously, a double fault is called,  and the rally is replayed.

If the serving team wins a rally, it scores a point and continues the serve.

If the receiving team wins a rally, it scores a point and take the serve next.


How does the DRS work in Volleyball?

There are a few rules and regualtions which need to be understood regarding the Decision Review System (DRS). The points that need to be kept in mind are as follows:

If the ball lands on the opponent’s court.

If each team is allowed to challenges per match.

A review will be called only by the head coach.

If the video review results in a reversal  of the original outcome, that challenge is retained by the challenging team.

A team has total of 8 seconds from the time referee blows the whistle to call for a review.

If a review is taken once, it cannot be reversed. It is considered unsuccessful if lost.

The challenges have no effect on the number of allowed timeout.