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Social media influence r and Bhojpuri actress Sapna Gill who was arrested for manhandling cricketer Prithvi Shaw and his friends’ car has made big accusations against the cricketer after she got bail. Gill has claimed that the Indian cricketer hit her and touched her private parts in a public place. She also denied the allegations made by Shaw in the FIR saying she and her friends neither asked for any selfies nor did they ask for money.

Notably, Sapna and 13 others were arrested on Thursday (17 February) for allegedly attacking Shaw after the batsman reportedly refused to take a selfie with them for the second time. The cricketer lodged an FIR on the next morning from the date of the incident. Now, as Gill got bail, she filed an application through her advocate Kaashif Ali Khan on Monday. 

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After filing the application, Gill in interaction with ANI alleged that it was Shaw and his friend Ashish Surendra Yadav who were at fault and not she and her friends. 

"We didn't beat anyone, nor did we ask for money. They put the wrong allegations about us. I didn't ask for any selfies. We were enjoying ourselves, so my friend tried to make a video. I saw that they were beating my friend," Gill alleged. 

"I went there and stopped them. My friend tried to make a video to show the proof. They beat me with a baseball after I tried to save my friend. One or two people hit me and touched my private parts, and even slapped me," Sapna Gill further said. 

"We tried to stop them at the airport. Prithvi and his friend called the crowd and tried to run. They were aggressive and drunk. They apologized to us.”

Meanwhile, Sapna’s advocate Ali Kaashif Deshmukh told ANI, "We have filed a criminal complaint against Prithvi Sahw and his friends. A criminal complaint has been registered against Prithvi Shaw, Ashish Surendra Yadav, Brijesh and others (not known to the complainant) for illegal acts of molesting and outraging the modesty of Sapna Gill under sections 34, 120b, 144, 146, 148, 149, 323, 324, 351, 354 & 509 of IPC."