Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

With a tonne of brand-new content added to the game, the PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update is now available. This features a weapon, two new modes, and a lot more. Players who download the update by September 17 will receive 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Beat Pirate Helmet (three days), which was launched on September 5.

The Zombie's Edge-themed game mode will be available from September 5 to November 6 in Erangel, Livik, and Miramar. Due to the fact that it is a themed game mode, it will keep players' fundamental Battle Royale experience while adding some additional features. This time, a brand-new region named Aerolith Lab will debut. The lab is a deadly place infested with monsters including Rippers, Mutants, and Berserkers.

The Rage Berserker is the Aerolith Lab's biggest draw. This will emerge in the lab during the start of the match and will spawn after the countdown is over. The number of mutations the lab absorbs determines how powerful this beast is. Therefore, you must ensure that you eliminate the mutants before the lab consumes them to feed the Rage Berserker. After fighting the Rage Berserker, players will receive amazing gifts.

Cycle 5, Season 15, will be available to play from September 14 to November 13. The season will feature exclusive rewards like the C5S14 Cover, C5S14 Set, C5S14 Parachute, C5S14 Glasses, C5S14 Mask, and C5S14 – MG3.

In the Version 2.8 Update, PUBG Mobile has joined forces with the world-famous  fast food chain KFC . From October 2 until November 6 this mode will be accessible on Erangel, Livik, Miramar, and Nusa. KFC outlets will spawn on the maps as separate structures as a result of this. They will have supplies, KFC recovery goods, and self-ordering kiosks for KFC.

The following is a list of the recovery items:

  • KFC Drink: It can be consumed in four seconds and restores 60 health points.
  • Nuggets: Four seconds are needed to use and regain 75 health.
  • KFC Chicken Bucket: It restores health completely and takes six seconds to use.
  • KFC Chicken Dinner: Due to its complete recovery of health and energy, this item is uncommon. Additionally, consumption takes six seconds.