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Picture Credit: X

PUBG is set to bring its latest update for gaming enthusiasts, PUBG Mobile 3.2 update. The forthcoming version will bring new challenges and content for games, and with fewer days remaining before its release, the entire gaming community has started to buzz with anticipation. As the release date of the PUBG Mobile 3.2 update is approaching, leaks revealed the features and modes the forthcoming update will come with. 

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One of the most significant modes that the PUBG Mobile 3.2 update will bring is the Mecha Fusion Mode. It will enable players to utilise robot-themed features in powerful tools. In addition to it, the update will also come with a brand-new Point of Interest (POI) within the game. The location will guarantee action-packed battles as well as valuable loot for players who will be willing to explore it. 

Not only this, but the update will also enable players to use jetpacks to move across different locations on the map. Players will be able to find the devices randomly as a part of ground loot and add excitement to the gameplay experience. Apart from this, players will also get a Self Rescue Kit in the update that will surely change the course of the game by allowing themselves to revive themselves without having to rely on teammates. 

Respawn Flair Gun is another anticipated feature that will go live in the 3.2 update. It will enable players to summon dead teammates back into the game at any game point. Moreover, the 3.2 update will add thrill to the gameplay with Magnet Gun, which would enable players to move heavy objects within the game including robots, vehicles, and enemies.