pubg mobile a7

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PUBG is set to bring the latest PUBG Mobile A7 Royale Pass, and with each passing day, fans are finding it difficult to control their excitement. The A7 Royale Pass is set to be released in late April 2024 and will bring along several features, updates, rewards, and a lot more. As per the leaks, fans would be able to grab the rewards by choosing a monthly version which would unlock the first 50 levels in the first month.

They would then unlock the next 50 levels in the second month or would get the option of a Royale Pass for Unknown Cash. While the monthly edition of the Royale Pass would cost 360 UC, the entire Royale Pass would cost 720 UC, if purchased at once. The A7 Royale Pass is likely to offer one more variant, known as the Elite Pass, which would come at the cost of 960 UC for two months. 

The list of the rewards being offered by the A7 Royale Pass are: 

  • Mystery colourful Outfit.
  • Mystery Scar L skin.
  • Emote.
  • Multi Coloured Helmet skin.
  • Cartoon theme parachute skin.
  • AKM skin and mythic Emote.
  • White theme Mythic outfit.
  • VSS blue theme skin.
  • Gold Backpack skin.
  • Avatar frame.
  • Charm.
  • Red theme outfit.

The upcoming PUBG Mobile A7 Royal pass aims to enhance the gameplay experience and is likely to present fresh content on the table. The pass will captivate players like no other and keep them immersed in the game.