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PUBG Mobile has released a new set of skins about the virtual rock band named Power 4. The band already has multiple songs in the game. The New PUBG Mobile POWER4 Band series is set to be available in the game very soon and the band is also set to release a new track. 

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The band comprises four characters, who have different roles like Flame Lord, the singer. Wraith Lord is the bassist, while the guitarist of the band is Grave Lord. While Spike Demon is the band’s drummer. After the release, users can acquire these outfits and players in the game.

Check out a glimpse of these new skins here:

But for those who want to try their luck, all the outfits of POWER4 Band members are available in the game via a draw. Gamers, through the legendary contract, get a chance to spin which can reward players with one of the outfits. The price of entering the lucky draw is 60 UC. While players can also directly draw 10 times by spending 600 UC.

PUBG Mobile has previously had multiple music-related partnerships which allow certain songs to be played in the game lobby and in certain vehicles. Global superstars like BLACKPINK and Alan Walker have had previous collaborations with the battle royale-based game. 

Along with these skins, PUBG Mobile has also confirmed a massive giveaway on Twitter where players can win 5400 UC for free. This giveaway was paired up with the release of a brand-new vehicle skin which is part of the game as a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Polaris. 

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